Our client wanted to go beyond the metrics to understand partners motivations and issues

The problem

Our client, a global leader in the biopharmaceutical sector, wanted to conduct exploratory research surrounding their active and terminated partnerships. The client has asked silico to conduct this research every two years or so since 2008. While the company has a great deal of data available, they need to understand partner preferences and what drives those preference when collaborating with the client. This research represented a tremendous opportunity for our client to gather in-depth insights about their partners as well as the alliances themselves. The client wanted the research to different partners according to the type of partnership, the stage of the collaboration, the compound and alliance manager. Silico designed and executed the research design on behalf of the partner.

The solution

Silico’s hybrid approach allowed our client to integrate in-depth conversations with their partners into quantitative research conducted by the client and Silico on the client's behalf about the collaborations, allowing the company to understand the motivations behind their partner's preferences. The flexible nature of Silico's platform allowed us to spread out the conversations in four waves over the course of a number of weeks. Silico spoke with a diverse group of more than 100 executives in the client's active and terminated partnerships.

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The result

Silico's conversations with the client's partners painted a complete picture of the clients’s partners beyond the quantitative metrics surrounding milestones and financial goals. The insights revealed that most of our clients partners would collaborate again with our client but that there were problems with the inter-related issues of decision-making and turnover in the team working on the collaboration. The client has taken steps to address these issues. Through candid feedback surrounding alliance benefits, issues and the motivations of the partners, Silico was able to develop an analysis to more fully understand their partners. The analysis will help inform our client’s future collaboration and licensing endeavors and key business development targets.